Your Best Friend is a Ferret

Your Best Friend is a Ferret
Is the ferret Man’s Best Friend? Ferrets are truly amazing little creatures. They are friendly, smart and FUN! They make great companions for the right family. Scientific American reports on varied experiments comparing dogs to domestic ferrets and wild Mustelid hybrids. The experiments show evidence of dog-like social-cognitive skills in the domestic ferret. The domestic ferret has similar reactions to things such as eye-contact, food preference tests and pointing.  If you are interested in adding a ferret to your family I suggest you make an appointment to visit your nearby shelter to spend some time with ferrets to see if they are the right pet for you and your family.
Scientific American:ferrets mans other best friend

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  • Lezel Ames says

    Hi, we just lost our ferret, 1 of 2 we adopted from family friends. We’re still healing from the loss. Now we don’t have any ferrets and are getting ready to have a dog. I am waiting for my son to be alright with having another fuzzy and wanted to speak with someone to help me prepare for having ferrets back in our family. They will be MY babies. Please contact me. I’d like to be a better parent.

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