The Cost of Owning a Ferret

The Cost of Owning a Ferret

How much is that ferret in the window, the one with the waggling tail? Ferrets do waggle their tails when excited, and it is pretty cute. But more importantly, how much is that ferret going to REALLY cost you? Not just to bring him home, but to provide adequate care, nutrition and happiness. Ferrets are expensive pets. They require your time and money. They could be compared to a teenager requesting their allowance and the keys to the car. They even sometimes come with the attitude of a teenager, carefree and adventurous. Also, like teenagers, ferrets require a high quality protein diet and have a high metabolism. It takes a lot of energy to be teenager and a lot more to be a ferret. And while we are on the topic of ferret energy. Did you know a ferret requires several hours of playtime each day to be kept happy. Ferrets love their people and they are going to want to spend their playtime with you. Petcha has put together a great article on how much you can expect to spend to provide for your ferret.

Petcha: Yearly cost of owning a ferret


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  • Deborah Wheatley says

    Hello!! My name is Deborah Wheatley.
    I have been trying to reach someone to adopt a ferret from your shelter. I currently own 2 Ferrets and would like to add a new fur baby into our home! I have filled out an application to do so! If someone could get back to me, that would be great. 541-619-2993. Please call me. Thank you

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