How to Find your Ferret

How to Find your Ferret
Once you have decided that you want a new pet you should consider your available options for acquiring your new pet. Unfortunately, there are plenty of pet stores that will sell animals with little to no helpful information or post-purchase support for the new parent. If you are considering buying one listed for sale in the local adds you are gambling on the condition they will be in. There are not too many private breeders in the NW to choose from either. Fortunately, there are a handful or more shelters in the Pacific NW that will help you choose the right pet for you and be delighted to offer post-purchase support. As shelter operators we definitely enjoy hearing how you and your new friend are doing once you get home and are here to help make your adoption a life long success for you and your new pet.
Stephanie from over at Ferret World out of Australia offers a detailed chart,, on what you can expect from a private breeder vs. a pet store vs. a shelter or rescue to help you decide what is right for you.

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  • Christina Demitrial says

    Will you adopt to California? I have had ferrets since the early 90’s. I recently lost one of my boys and his brother is not doing well without him. I have two FN cages and my vet is VCA Valley Oak Veterinary Hospital.

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