Adult - Female
Adoptable Small

Stella came from an abusive situation so can be nervous around new people and will take time to earn her trust. She has no adverse behavior to people from this, however. She also does well with all other ferrets she has been introduced to.

She keeps a clean cage and does really well with the use of a litter box. Like all ferrets she will need continued positive reinforcement to keep her established good behaviors.

Stella has also been given her first Deslorelin Implant. The Des implant is used to control adrenal disease in ferrets. If you are not familiar with adrenal disease in ferrets you will want to become familiar. The majority of all ferrets will develop this disease, which is easily treatable with the Des implant when given early and annually. Many veterinarians are now recommending that all ferrets receive this treatme by the age of 2-3 to prevent the disease from starting.

Our ferrets are up to date on vaccinations, are microchipped, have had a health check by our veterinarian and come with a free post adoption health check by our veterinarian.

If you are interested in adoption from our organization, please visit our website and complete an adoption application.

Please note, our organization is operated with 100% volunteer time, our volunteers have commitments other than the rescue. We work to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible but there are sometimes delays.